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Welcome to my website!


Here you will find a wealth of information about my background, extensive leadership experience, and professional accomplish-ments. Take a moment to read my campaign statement where I discuss the critical issues facing us and my vision for the future of psychiatry. Review the calendar to find out if I will be in your area so that we may have an opportunity to meet each other personally. Contact me to share any thoughts, concerns or questions you may have. And then, vote for me and join me in making this vision a reality. If you send emails on my behalf please remember the subject line should begin with the words 'APA Campaigning' and that third party endorsements are prohibited in your message.

APA members will have access to the on-line ballot after December 22, 2009. Paper ballots will be mailed in early January. The election deadline is February 5, 2010.

I would like to remind all supporters to follow the APA Election Guidelines carefully. A link to the Election Guidelines is provided on right side of this site. In particular, any email communication sent on my behalf should begin the subject line with the words "APA Campaigning." The APA election rules do not permit the inclusion of any form of third party endorsement in such email communications.

Thank you.

Donna M. Norris, M.D.

Donna M. Norris, M.D.
Candidate for President-Elect of the American Psychiatric Association



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The electronic on-line ballot is available now, and paper ballots have been mailed.



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